What Is a Domain Name and How Does it Work

A domain name is an address where Internet active users can open your website.

What is a domain name?

What is a domain name Introduction 

A domain name is your website name. A domain name is an address where Internet active users can open your website. A domain name is used for finding and spot computers’ websites on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses,( to reach o ay websites) which are a series of numbers. However, it is difficult for humans to live to remember IP addresses. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify data on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.

A domain name can be any mixture of letters and numbers, and it can be used in a mix of the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, .gov, etc.

Before the use of domain name, you must be registered then you can use it. Every domain name is special and unique. Two websites cannot be the same domain name. If someone types at www.mydomain.com, it will go to your website and no one other can teak the same.

The price of a domain name typically different like price for a month or years. 

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How domain name work.

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 To register a right domain, you need to do it by a recognized and approved registrar, like bigrock.com once you do that, you have the right to use the domain for a while.

Once you become the owner of your very own domain, you need to point it to the server which will host your website. This process can take a few clicks. It all depends on how fast internet service providers update their records.

A domain name can do more than just way visitors to your website! You can create the subdomains, e.g. afpazdigi.com.afpazdigi.in, or set up a domain-based email! You can also set up forwarders, which will help people get to your website if they type in the wrong TLD, (LTD offers a unique domain ending for businesses. .ltd.)

An important point to keep in mind is that when you register a domain name – it is your property. That means you can take a domain from an approved registrar (like bigrock.com) you purchased it at and move the domain name over to a different hosting provider.

Why you need a Domain Name

Your identity is your domain name On the Internet. Any individual, person, business or organization is planning to have an Internet presence. For his/her online presence invests on a domain name. Have your domain name; website and email addresses will quickly give you and your business a more professional company. Another reason is for a place to register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks, build faith, increase brand awareness, and search engine optimization.

With bigrock.com’s premium plans, as a domain name is one of the most crucial tools to build your reputation, we include your custom domain name in your project.

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What number of sorts of space are there? 

While more than 1,500 gTLDs are being used, these 21 make up by far most of a wide range of area names.

They incorporate four the subdomain: 

Conventional (.com, .net, .org, .info, .in, .co, .gov. .xyz), spaces that can be utilized for general purposes.

Conventional limited (.pro, .biz, .name) areas that must be utilized for their particular purposes.

What is DNS?

DNS, or the Domain Name System, decodes human-readable domain names (for example, www.afpazdigi.com) to machine-readable IP addresses (for example,

DNS Basics

All computers machine on the Internet, from your Smartphone, personal computer or laptop to the servers that serve content for massive individual websites find and communicate with one another by using the IP address. These numbers are known as IP addresses. When you open a web browser (like chrome, Mozilla, Firefox) and go to a website, you don’t have to remember and enter a long number (IP address). Instead, you can enter a domain name like afpazdigi.com and still end up in the right place.


ICANN’s full form is “Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers”. The objective of ICANN is to oversee the IP numbering assignment, the domain name system, and to address the issue of domain name ownership resolution for gTLDs.,

What is the work of ICANN?

ICANN plays a vital role in the infrastructure of the Internet. By its contracts with registries (such as .com, .org or .info, ) and registrars (companies that sell domain names to individuals person, company and organizations), ICANN helps define how the domain name system work and expands.

IDN Domain Names 

IDN is space names that are written in unknown dialects, similar to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Russian. IDN represents Internationalized Domain Names. IDN area names permit individuals from everywhere throughout the world to impart sites, space names and URLs in their local dialects.

Most area names are enrolled to date are composed utilizing the 26-character Latin/English letter sets and numbers, an encoding called ASCII. IDN takes into consideration the utilization of non-ASCII characters in space names. At the point when an IDN is enrolled, the outside characters are encoded in Punycode utilizing various calculations. Punycode is just an ASCII rendition for the IDN, enabling it to determine with the present web framework. Punycode areas can be distinguished by the “xn-” starting.


Whois is an Internet database that contains data on space names, including the name servers related with the area name, the area enlistment centre, registrant and the area’s Administrative and Technical contacts. By playing out a WHOIS search, you can discover when and by whom an area was enrolled, their contact data, where the site is facilitated, when the space lapses, and that’s just the beginning.

The Whois is additionally an instrument that searches the area name data contained in WHOIS databases. It is commonly used to check the accessibility or responsibility for area names.

How you find a domain name is available?

There are many ways to find if a domain you want is available or not available. First, type the name you wish to into Bigrock.com ‘s search—bigrock.com tells you if the domain can be registered or not. Or, search again for the other domain name in the search.

The Best Places to Buy a Domain Name

  • Godaddy or BigRock is a simple, no-hassle registrar. …
  • Hover is a simple registrar, offering good prices and good service. …
  • Bigrock.com or Godaddy is a great option if you want web hosting along with your domain, or want it all to be managed under the one place.
  • Bigrock.com offers world-class service and 24*7 assistance.
  • Clicks hear to take domain and hosting.

How you get a domain name?

Here are some steps to follow for registering a domain:

  1. Choose your registrar or web hosting service, click here. First, you check their hosting policies and pricing. …
  2. Search for an available good domain name.
  3. Fill form and sign UP.
  4. Pay to confirm your domain registration.
  5. Link domain and website.
  6. Park your domain if you don’t have a website.

What is domain hijacking work?

What is Domain Hijacking? Domain Hijacking is a form of theft where the cyber attacker takes access to your domain name without the contact of the original registrant. Hijacking can happen due to weak security on your end or the end of your domain/hosting company

Some Easy Ways to Protect Your Domain Name 

A domain name can be one of a person, organizations’, company’s most valuable assets. So, whether you have been using your domain name for years or have just acquired it, you should perhaps be sure to protect it — to secure that you don’t lose it due to Fault, cheat or illegal activity.

Here are eight simple things every domain name owner should do to protect itself online:

How you keep your domain safe?

Here are eight simple things every domain name owner should do to protect itself online:

  1. Be sure your domain name is registered to the property authority. Use a reputable registrar like bigrock.com
  2. Lock your domain name.
  3. Use a smart and strong registrar password and protect it.
  4. Go ahead and register (or renew) your domain name for the longest period as possible.
  5. While you’re at, choose your registrar’s “auto-renew” option to be alert.
  6. Be smart about the personal contact information you provide
  7. Be aware and safe of domain name scams.

Free Domain Names

Free Domain Names are sometimes available by some providers and are usually in the form of [yourname.usa.cc]. A domain name in this type is also known by the subdomain.

as if a the subdomain is free and functional on the Internet, it has some limitations:

  • Your professional image will not be as strong as have a custom domain name.
  • It is not easy for your visitors to find a free domain website, as your website. Remember your website name as well as some difficult.
  • You will not be able to transfer the subdomain to another web hosting.

Free site builder plans with bigrock.com provide you with a free the subdomain so you can start building your online presence at a time! However, when you are ready to go your online presence to the next step, you will need a professional domain name

The good news. All bigrock.com premium plans include professional domain names in your plan convening.


In this tutorial, we learned that everyone knows something about domain names and how they work. We also covered the basics of domain transfer and the registration process.

If you have any more questions about domain names, feel free to submit them in the comments below.



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