10 Best ways to promote a business online for free


Hello friends, today we will talk about 10 free ways to promote business online or market. If you are also a businessman, then you must read this post till the last. You can market your business without spending money with the methods mentioned in it.

All business owners want their products and services delivered to the customer. There are several ways for this, so that business can be promoted and put in front of people. Those who have very high budgets promote their business by spending money easily. But those whose budget is low, are not able to resort to the advertisement.

You all will know that to advertise on television, you have to pay millions of rupees for a few seconds. This method is not for ordinary people like us.

When many people start their online or offline business, they are very concerned about promoting it. Always look for free ways to promote your business.

If you also have an offline/online business, you can promote it for free through the Internet. If you have a good budget, you can do it very easily. If your budget is low, there are many ways on the Internet, through which you can tell people about your business.

In this post, we are going to tell you about this. If you too have started your business and want to promote a business online for free, you can follow the methods given below.

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Promote a Business online for free, Create a website

What is a Blog

In today’s time, a website is very important for every online or offline business. People build their websites even for small to small businesses. Today, many stores are creating websites and selling products online.

In the same way, by creating a website for your business, you can also sell your product and service worldwide. If you want, you can create your website for free in Blogger or Weebly. If you have the money, I would suggest you create a blog hosted by WordPress.

In WordPress, you can easily create your online store or e-commerce website with the help of plugins. In this, you do not have to hire any developer. You can bring online business by creating a free blog in Blogger.

Add Business Websites to Popular Search Engines

When you create a website for your business, people have to bring it in as well. You can get traffic to your website in less time than advertising. You can get visitors to your website for free through search engine optimization.

For this, first, you have to submit and verify your blog in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. After this, your blog will gradually start appearing in the search engine.

Make sure you have Google My Business listings with accurate information

Google has given a very good option for the businessman, through which you can promote your business easily. The best part of it is that it is absolutely free. This benefits both the business

This will benefit both you and your customer. You will get a customer and a customer who has not been to your shop before.

According to Searchenginewatch, 71% of new buyers visit Google and find out their address and contact details. Nowadays it has become very common.

If you want to promote your business for free, I think this is a better option for you. You haven’t verified my business in Google yet, so do it as soon as possible and the customer.

Actually, when you verify your business in Google My Business, then by searching in Google, you will get complete information about your business. For example, if you have an electrical shop in Mumbai and you have verified it in Google, then whenever someone searches Google by typing “Electrical shop in Mumbai”, your shop details, address, contact details, Pictures will be shown there.

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List your products in Business Directories:

Digital Marketing Experts Need to Embrace

This method is also very good, by which you can promote your business and get millions of viewers. Right now many customers search the business directory on the Internet to buy something. If your business is listed in it, there will be a show and the customer will be able to contact you.

You can submit your business to popular directories like IndiaMart, Trade India, and Indian Yellow Pages. The free plan is also available here.

If you want to sell directly to customers, then add your business to Just Dial’s list. It provides mobile apps and can be used to generate huge traffic for you.

If you sell software, you can add it to the software suggestion. List according to these different categories like HR, CRM, ERP, etc.

Use the power of social media


If you wish, you can promote your business here for free. For this, you should create your account in a popular network connected to your social account like Facebook, Twitter, google plus, Pinterest. With this, you cannot sell your product or service directly, but through it, you can make your business accessible to people.

When people know about your business, they will definitely want to try your product or service. But first, you have to give a little more time and build your brand. So that people can easily trust you.

now that Prime Minister Modi took advantage of the power of social media to win the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. New York Times has called him a social media politician. He has also written a case study on social media strategies.

You too can benefit from this and grow your business. You must have seen advertisements of many companies while using social media. Through this, many people have improved their visibility.

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Answer the questions

When we don’t know much about something and want to buy it, search the internet for advice from people and post it. There are many experts here who give us good advice.

Similarly, you can also benefit customers by connecting to popular question and answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers and helping people on them. People also ask their questions in LinkedIn groups.

How would you benefit from it? When you are involved in this, you have to find the questions related to your product or service. And you should also mention your product in it. As I offer a hosting service, I would like to see any questions related to it in forums like “Best Cheap Unlimited Hosting” and in response, explain about your hosting and its features.

Send an offer on Groupon

You know everyone likes offers. When you buy something, you are waiting for the offer, so that you get a small discount. In the same way, you too can expand your business by making good offers to your customers.

You can add your offer coupon code or link on popular sites like Groupon and Coupon Dunia. They have millions of users and with it, you can get great customers. Also, you have to visit it on every special occasion.

Start making videos

Youtube is a great platform where you can share videos related to your services, products, and industry experience. With this, you can easily spread your products and services around the world.

You may know that every day more than 40 million videos are watched on YouTube and their number is increasing day by day. In such a situation, you can make a video about your business and upload it to youtube. This will give people a good idea about your product or service.

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Press releases

Press releases

If your business is newsworthy, you can include it in a press release. Many people in the press can publish their trade news. You must have seen many company websites, in which you will find the press release page.

There are many websites where you can add your press release for free. You can add press releases to popular sites such as PR records and 24/7 press releases.

Take advantage of free email marketing services.

If you want to promote your business online for free, you can take advantage of email marketing. If you provide an online service then definitely it is a very good option for you. Also, it can be used for an offline business.

There are many large companies that focus too much on email marketing. You can also use it. For this, you can use Google FeedBurner. In addition, you can send up to 12,0000 emails and up to 2000 people using Mailchimp’s free plan.

You can give people information about your product or service via email. You can tell your specialty. You can also share offers with this. This will help attract customers.

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In all these ways, you can promote your business for free. All these methods must be creative and followed. In the methods described above, you will get very fast results in some methods, but some methods may take some time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions related to this, please comment. Share this with your friends.


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