Best 13 C Digital Marketing Experts Need to Embrace in 2021

13c provides clarity when creating or refining digital marketing. You can use the model below to assess the benefits of the digital marketplace and the services that online services offer to online audiences and your competitors.

Best 13 C Digital Marketing Experts Need to Embrace

Whether traditional or digital, marketing models are useful frameworks for planning and focus on robust mechanisms that allow organizations to develop full marketing plans that will stand the test of time. Some are particularly relevant to the new digital marketing era, and some are more than the 13C of modern marketing.

Why the 13C model is important?

13c provides clarity when creating or refining digital marketing. You can use the model below to assess the benefits of the digital marketplace and the services that online services offer to online audiences and your competitors. So let’s explore all 13C models.

13C Digital Marketing Experts Need to Embrace

1. Content


Content is the hub through which all other marketing channels thrive, especially in the digital world.

His digital marketing efforts include a combination of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and potential video marketing.

Without great content to promote these channels, these efforts aren’t superficial – they never take off.
The key to developing smart and dynamic content is to start by defining your buyer’s personality and doing keyword research to understand how consumers find your business offers online.

From there, you can develop blogs to create engaging content assets to drive your SEO efforts and promote through SEM, video marketing, and social media.

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2. Customer

The harsh reality facing modern businesses is that very few people can attract a universal audience. Consequently, again, finding your place in the market is one of the biggest challenges of all.

To do this, you must learn to ask: who is the customer, and how is it different from others.

Creating an ideal consumer profile will provide you with a guide for every future decision. This can range from identifying your goals to choosing the right marketing methods to purchase your products.

The results will lead you to higher returns. This will help you achieve a sense of stability across the board for stable results.

Due to general marketing concepts, the small group is better than failing. When you fall into the second category, you risk losing time and money.

3. Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

With any company looking for commercial success, shared vision and commitment are priorities.

An Internet-based operation is no different, although you have other issues to consider, such as risk, the right IT architecture, customer service, and support systems and partnerships.

Alternatively, the organization may already have a positive attitude towards corporate culture and the adoption of new technology networks such as EDI.

The exponential growth of technological improvements requires a costly and sustained investment in new services and facilities.

4. Convenience

The ability to buy anytime, anywhere has transferred the power from retailers to consumers. Technology has created convenience for consumers via mobile phones and tablets, and I can shop on the train from my mobile, start work and wait until the meeting begins. Convenience includes several factors that are part of a website’s overall online value proposition:

  • Easy access to multi-device purchases, for example, via responsive or responsive websites.
  • Easy retrieval of previous orders; Storing Your Old Data If I’m in a rush with a grocery store or B2B purchase, I can repeat the last order.
  • Easy recognition of my order with details of when it will arrive; In some cases, this is becoming a shorter period, or I can arrange for my luggage to be delivered to a secure locker or other convenient location. About Business-to-Business (B2B) Establishment
  • Easy access to information related to my profession or field
  • Easy access to my account and archived content when relevant

5. Competition

The Internet has brought greater transparency, especially in pricing, promotion, public relations, and the development of new products and organizations.

Price comparison sites such as Rediff (dot) com provide more information to consumers. Thus it fulfills the need of sales staff to do sales work. But on the other hand, the same information is also available to the contestants.

6. Communications

Digital Marketing Experts Need to Embrace

Communication is at the heart of all business endeavors. Interaction with potential customers will largely depend on your ability to secure your brand story.

In addition to making consumers care about your business, you must show that you care about them.

It is essential to invest in better communication systems. This will allow the customer to search for more information or get the answers he needs to overcome the obstacles that appear in his purchase.

While they may also resonate with the people behind the brand, it seems like you’ll be able to cross-sell as well.

When communication is clear, it will also make life easier for marketing employees to reach new and existing customers. This is another massive reward that can change everything.

7. Consistency

Sustainability across all communications and all channels is essential to ensure a successful brand experience, primarily if it operates in both virtual and physical worlds.

A brand reflects a company’s personality and status, but it also reflects something about the customer’s image.

Customers rely on brands to ensure quality, but anecdotal evidence suggests that online consumers reflect their offline behavior and gravitate to brands and sites they trust and direct only Enjoys instead of being.

8. Creative Art

When Richard Gay created this model, it was during this time that companies frequently updated the content on their websites.

By understanding the value of content marketing combined with Google’s algorithmic development, new technology has ensured that many organizations regularly update their content, and this is easy to do.

Gay also suggested that its primary source was through its website, while many customers now look to additional sources, such as social media platforms, to read comments with others.

The corporate website is just that; Corporate. Along with this comes less trust and potentially less authenticity. “They’ll say they won’t!” When viewing an organization through Glassdoor, the US Employee Review Site provides a level of information that is unlikely to be approved on the corporate site.

Similarly, reviewed plugins such as TrustPilot or Revo that capture customer feedback, which is simply a purchase, maybe unspecified to customers.

This user-created content is creative, practical, and adds authenticity to the site in a way that a standard product description can never achieve.

Other creative content includes various formats such as videos, infographics, and downloadable guides. If you want to explore more creative content, see our content matrix for a complete list of content options.

9. color

In modern business, first impressions are crucial. The study shows that you have only eight seconds to grab the consumer’s attention.

Therefore, imagination and brand characteristics are essential elements in a recipe for success. Whether you work online or in a physical store, color is essential.

A little research on color psychology can shed light on the impact a customer may have during the first point of interaction.

Monitoring products before they affect your brain can lead to a better response. It also extends to services and can significantly increase sales rates.

Color schemes can become synonymous with your brand, making it instantly recognizable. This can create a more unique environment to enhance customer lifetime values.

10. Customization

What is a Blog

The Internet provides personal benefits to both buyers and sellers. Personalization is primarily used for personally relevant communication, as database systems redefine the market precisely.

Personalization also comes from consumers’ ability to request more specific products, such as a PC with a particular speed of the processor, monitor style, peripherals, and printers.

This space demands a range of functions, but it is appropriate to adopt the system to support the demand if it offers a competitive advantage.

11. Collaboration

You are unlikely to complete all aspects of your marketing strategies alone. Therefore, it is important that you focus on cooperation.

All employees, including non-marketing teams, are a constant reflection of the brand. Creating a clear image naturally allows them to provide the same thing over and over again.

The idea of cooperation should not be limited to internal affairs. In recent times, social effectiveness has become a particularly effective marketing method.

When you find a creative that shares the same audience as you, the possibilities are incredible. Marketing becomes more profitable.

Better yet, effective collaboration will save you a lot of time. This allows you to focus on other parts of the business. So when you get more sales, people will have more reason to love you.

12. Control

Like another mode of direct marketing, the Internet can test events and activities.

Feedback and measurement provide web marketing taken as the process of using the Internet for one’s business; Market your products and services with statistical and financial responsibility to promote the electronic cause within an organization.

Through e-CRM, the Internet provides real-time control at the individual account level, improving profitability as a result of improving customer relationships.

In short, the Internet as a business entity has come a long way in a short period, although its technological development is over five decades.

The economic efficiency generated by the Internet has received a lot of attention.

After an explosion of wild enthusiasm and optimism, the Internet revolution has completed a phase of experimentation, learning, and maturing as marketers begin to realize the potential benefits of technology and how they can use it.

Cost reduction as an essential business driver in an increasingly competitive global market has increased in the new millennium.

13. Conversion


Everything you do in business, especially about marketing, should focus on sales. As such, a clearly defined path to conversion must be created as soon as possible.

Otherwise, customers will find excuses to take their custom elsewhere. Seven conversations, in particular, are required before purchasing.

Using email marketing flow can be helpful, while PPC and content are essential features. However, it is not just about visibility and direct marketing.

It is equally important to use analytical tools to detect customer trends. This change in mindset can become the most significant step towards success.

When your conversion rates are high, you will need to reach fewer people to earn income. If you do not have a sale, you do not have a real impact. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be fine.


In this digital marketing era, consumers connect with you on social media and online platforms because they want to connect with your brand’s side.

They add the brand as an icon, but at the same time associate the brand with the previous face of the company. This is no different from your offline interaction with the consumer. On your digital marketing plan, you are listening to the one-to-one talk, like talking a lot. Give it your personal touch.


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