Best Web Hosting Providers Free and Paid Full Information

If you publish a website, you must choose a famous hosting company in the best and fastest hosting companies! If you get Hosting cheaply, then very good but more important than this is how much loading time your website gets, you have to understand all these things to choose a good web hosting.

Best Web Hosting Providers-Free and Paid Information

If you have a wordpress hosting website, it is essential for you to host your website in the right place, as a result of which you get to see many good results, such as your sales will be high, due to which you can increase your website ranking.

It will also increase in Google! Many software is required to run a wordpress website, and many hosting providers claim to run a wordpress site, which has many hosting provider companies that give you hosting at a very low and expensive price and some such hosting companies. Which provides you with free hosting service:

Now it is up to you which type of hosting you want to take. The choice of your Web Hosting Providers depends on you:

There are several reasons for choosing your WordPress hosting –

  • what is the cost ?
  • Scale
  • How to setup
  • Is there protection?
  • How much speed is available (in opening the site)

If you publish a website, you must choose a famous hosting company in the best and fastest hosting companies! If you get Hosting cheaply, then very good but more important than this is how much loading time your website gets, you have to understand all these things to choose a good web hosting.

Now the question is, what is the best wordpress hosting?

This is the biggest question of the new website owner of every new blogger, what is the best wordpress hosting? If you believe me, you should get wordpress hosting from a hosting company that can manage your website traffic; you should research all these things carefully, then you have many tools that will help your overall performance of the website. You can see with the help of many Third-Party Tools such as Pingdom, Load effect, Bitcatcha, etc. and many more tools are available. –

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Pingdom is a famous Third-Party Tool that checks your website’s loading speed, which much Hosting Company uses these days as a sample website to show your hosting Performance to your customer!

You can also check the loading time of your website with the help of this tool, you have to enter the URL of your website on the site of, and with the use of this, you get the complete information of your website in a few minutes –

Bitcatcha Service:

Bitcatcha checks the hosting response time of your website, how much time your website is taking at various places, in different geographical locations, with the help of choosing the best hosting company for the specific region.

Something has to be kept in mind to buy the best hosting, such as – High Bandwith, DiskSpace, Free Domain Name Hosting, and much more, which we will tell you further.

There are two types of Web Hosting Providers company –

One that gives you web hosting for free (free) and the other is Paid Hosting for which you have to pay some money – although a Paid Hosting is a good deal still if your budget is less than you Free Hosting (Free Hosting )

You can choose just one thing to keep in mind – there are many disadvantages of free hosting too – so I would advise you to keep backing up your website regularly because I believe free is free – still you You can get free hosting – and if you feel later that you should change your hosting, then you can transfer your website to another host, so there is nothing to fear – this is great for you if you learn to Be a new blogger.

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Now let us know some famous free hosting company:


000webhost as free website hosting

You can choose 000webhost as free website hosting in which you get 1000 Mb Disk Space and 10000 Mb Bandwith for which you do not have to pay any money; this free hosting is also famous because it gives you Mysql and PHP.

Without any restrictions and you do not get to see any advertisement, apart from this you get good service and keep updating its hosting service weekly, due to these features 000webhost has become very popular. It would be best if you also tried this hosting by watching it.

000webhost has many free feature which it is:

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free domain name hosting
  • Free Cpanel web hosting
  • Full PHP and MySQL Database Support
  • Instant Account activation, no fees.

If you are looking for a free web hosting then this is a good option for you.



Freehostia is also a top-rated web hosting service where you can host five domains, 250 MB Disk Space, 6 GB Monthly Traffic, 3 Email Account, and 1 MySQL V.5 Database 10 MB MySQL Storage in which you get one-click free. Joomla, WordPress, PHP BB, and many PHP scripts can be installed by Application One Click.

There are many free features of Freehostia Hosting which is:

  • Bandwidth – 6 GB
  • Disk Space – 250 Mb
  • Ad free
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 User Support


byet hosting

You can also post your website from Byethost, which is the Byet – Internet Company of the US, which hosts more than 1 Million websites by this company, you can get free hosting service from it, here you can get 50 GB Bandwidth, 1 GB Disk Space, No Ads, and Cpanel, MySQL Database 5, with PHP and one website hosting are available, with 5 Email Account, and FTP with Domain hosting, along with 24/7 tech support.

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Now know about Best Paid wordpress hosting –


hostgator best hosting provider

Hostgator is named at the top of all Hosting Provider’s list. The company claims that more than 8 million Domains are hosted here; it has been seen that many new web sites Biggener prioritize Hostgator on its excellent plan.

Because of the Hostgator dedicated server, which is considered a perfect plan, in which you get work from website response time second, and the web site is never down, of course, no matter how much traffic is coming to your site, if you take Hostgator’s hosting If you want, then go to Hostgator. It’s the web site and see all the planes.

Hostgator gives you many benefits like –

  • This is a very fast and reliable hosting company.
  • WordPress is a great choice for the beginner
  • It gives you the facility of free of cost website migration and also has many features.

Site Ground:

siteground hosting

Site Ground is an excellent option to host your site if you want to host a wordpress website because WordPress itself recommends that you take Hosting of Site Ground because it is trustworthy, used many times to prove.

As a result, the result was found that Site Ground Hosting does high secure and high-speed loading to the wordpress web site rated less than Loading Speed Minute, which is 95% faster than the rest of the hosting company.

Site Ground gives you a lot of Benifits which:

  • You get Best WordPress Support.
  • Get more Uptime.
  • Free SSL and website migration are available.


bluehost hosting provider

BlueHost’s hosting is considered very popular as Best Hosting Provider. BlueHost’s Performance is deemed very good, giving an excellent result for the United States. Its response time is much higher, which is 85% faster than other hosting companies. If you are a small business, then Bluehost will be perfect for you.

BlueHost gives you many benefits which is –

  • Provides Free SSL, Free Domain is available.
  • WordPress Hosting gets 63% off.
  • Bluehost hosting is recommended by Official WordPress.
  • Free website migration facility is available.

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Hostinger hosting provider

So far, you must have seen all of your website hosting services. Hostinger is the cheapest and fast web hosting for Bloggers. If you are going to create a new website and want Fast, Reliable, Budget Web Hosting and Free Domain for it.

So there is no one better than Hostinger web Hosting Service for you; I will tell you at this moment comparing Hostinger & other Hosting Services Plan from the details and will show its Proof.

Like Hostgator, Hostinger is also an American Hosting Company, which provides Web, Cloud, VPS (Virtual Private Service) Hosting & WordPress Hosting. So far, 2 crores 29 lakh clients have been connected with Hostinger, and 2 crores 48 lakh are using Website Live Hosting.

More than 20,000 new users are added every day because Hostinger is cheaper than any other hosting, and it has 100% Uptime and 24 * 7 Live Support with Free Domain, Free Website Builder Tool, Easy & Advance hPanel with Hosting.

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Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Services are the most used on CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, and Hostinger has the best price in the cheapest price in both of these hosting services.

There are 3 types of Web Hosting Plan, Single, Premium, and Business Plan. Apart from a single web hosting plan, both the other plans will get Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Database, Unlimited Website, Unlimited Business Email, and Free Domain Name.

If you talk about pricing, its price is $ 2.15 / Month to Max $ 7.95 / month, which is still the cheapest from any hosting plan.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plan & Pricing:

There will be a total of 6 VPS hosting plans, from Plan1 to Plan6. A very low price starts from $ 4.95 / month and is maximum till $ 75.95 / month. Hostinger is the world’s first Hosting Provider, which offers 6 Plans for VPS and that too at such a low price, in which each plan will get Dedicated IP with SSD Disk Drives.

Why Buy Hostinger Hosting?

After seeing all the features mentioned here, you must have understood why you should buy Hostinger Web Hosting & VPS Hosting. With this, many more such features are available in Hostinger, which is better than any other hosting service.

  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Auto-Script Installer Up to 90 Apps
  • No downtime
  • Cheapest Hosting Price
  • PHP 7.1 Support
  • 24 * 7 Customer Care Support
  • Lowest Response (83ms)
  • Free SSL & 3X WordPress Optimization
  • Easy & Advance hPanel


Many people must have felt that when they read an article, they get a very smooth and fast experience while reading an article, so it is very important to host your website from an excellent hosting company.

Friends, as a Blogger, if we do a Hosting Search for a WordPress Website. So in this, we check Features like Bandwidth, Uptime, Storage, hPanel, Price. In Hostinger Web Hosting, you have all these features much better than any other hosting service. I have just bought its Premium Web Hosting Plan. With this, I also got a Free Domain. As of now, I am very Satisfy with Hostinger Service. Like me, you can use its Hosting Service for 100% Recommendation.


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