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At this stage, you’ll need to look at the best blogging platforms out there and determine the type of blog management software you are going to use. I recommend that you make your own blog using the self-hosted setup that I show in this guide.

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Digital Marketing & Blogging Ideas

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the practice of promoting brands with digital creators on your networks, such as blogs or social media platforms. These affiliate marketers earn income based on the number of people who buy the product through their affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing helps reduce pressure on a brand to find the right spokesperson. It also increases the likelihood of success since networks or agencies often veto partners. Unlike celebrity endorsement or influencer marketing, strategies in which some people or individuals often act as a brand's face, affiliate marketing is a no-holds-barred strategy.

Affiliate marketing programs allow marketers or "affiliates" to take charge of your income. This strategy is called, in some cases, passive income for those who endorse the products.

This means that affiliates are not always actively selling to make money. He kept his strategies running and the profits from sales on his site. This is close to the easy money you get.